Credit cards that charge less interest

It seems convenient to show you the 5 credit cards that charge less interest .Payment with interest on credit cards.

We briefly explain how the system of charging interest on cards works



  • Each bank has an ordinary interest rate, which applies to add to the amount you leave pending on your card.
  • The interest rate on credit cards in Mexico is between approximately 20 and 70% annually

That is, if at the end of the month you must owe 1000 pesos of your financing and your card manages an annual interest of 48%, it means that, monthly, your interest rate is 3%.

Thus, if you do not make any other expenses, the next invoice will arrive for the amount you owe plus 3%. In other words, you will no longer pay $ 1000 but would settle with $ 1030.

This, together with the moratorium interest rate, applicable in case you did not cover your total or partial debt (at least the minimum payment required) in a timely manner.

Credit cards will be more expensive for 2019, this due to the interest rate that the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) brought in about two percentage points. Currently, the central bank’s key rate stands at 8% and it should be noted that, during 2018, three increases have been applied and it is expected that there will be one more at 25 basis points (the highest level since the 2008 crisis), and is of Note that during 2017 the increases were five.

Given this, as a recommendation, it is important that consumers know and are aware that next year the money will be more expensive, that is, the interest rate. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt one or more of the following tips to prevent debts:

Cash purchases, in addition to not generating any charges and interest, help you foster a culture of savings. That is, with cash you can only buy what you can afford.

And if, ultimately, if there are no promotions and you use this type of financing on a regular basis, our recommendation is to opt for credit cards that handle an interest rate below average, which usually are usually very expensive .

Credit cards that charge less interest

Credit cards

For you who have opted for this last option, here we leave you the 5 cards that charge less interest in the market.


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