How to Get Credit Card Fee Back?

Today, at least 1 credit card in each house, while the credit card dues are now added to the household expense items. While this annoyed consumers, banks continued to receive credit card fees . While the law requires that no credit card fees be collected, banks continue to receive credit card fees.

When we apply for a credit card, we see that the word le I approve that I will pay the credit card dues e signed by the contract also gives additional efforts to prevent the withdrawal of credit card dues. In today’s article, as team, we will try to explain how to get your credit card fees back.


Credit card contracts are unfair

Credit card contracts are unfair

Banks rely on the contract they signed their customers credit card dues will not be paid back and can not be returned to the calendar, while speaking to the newspaper newspaper Getin, banks in the last 1 year, only 3.2 billion TL of credit card fees as charged, he said.

Stating that the banks are lying to avoid repaying their credit card dues, Getin says that the decision of the 13th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court can be taken back 10 years of credit card dues.



How can I get my credit card back? 4 steps and method

How can I get my credit card back? 4 steps and method

Getin stated that the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals is valid for old credit cards and said: vatandaƟ The citizen who had previously canceled his card may ask for historical statements. If the bank resists, legal action is taken against the bank officer. Because it’s a crime. The consumer should go to the arbitral tribunal with the statement and the petitioner, ”he said.

It was also stated that the proceedings resulted in an average of 1 to 3 months after applying to the arbitral tribunal to get the credit card dues back. Responding to the questions of citizens who have agreed to pay the credit card dues in the contract, Getin says that the decision taken in the Court of Cassation is unjustified because there is no importance for the signature.


1- Call Customer Service

In order to get your credit card fee back, you can call the customer service of the bank you are the customer first. Tell the customer representative that you no longer want to pay credit card fees and that you want to take back the fees you paid. If the customer representative accepts this, you have no problems, if not, try the other items.


2- Apply for Credit Card Fee Appeal

Credit Card Fee Appeal

If it is insufficient to call the customer representative to get the credit card fee back, the first thing you should do is prepare an appeal for the credit card fee and send the petition to both the bank’s head office and the branch. If you send the credit card fee appeal petition by registered mail, you will receive the signature of the person receiving it. For this, you can send the petition via PTT.


3- Legal or Customer Representative

If you have filed an objection to the credit card fee, however, if the bank does not accept a refund, call the bank and tell them that you will start legal proceedings and cancel your credit card. In such cases, the bank generally agrees to repay the credit card dues, both because they do not want to lose their customers and because they hate legal processes. However, they will still negotiate with you.


4- Apply to the Ground Jury


If the bank still does not accept your application and says that it will not repay the credit card dues, you can go to the arbitral tribunals in the districts and districts in your province. You can complain free of charge by adding your statement to the prepared petitions.

Consumers win the majority of the cases applied to the arbitral tribunals to get their credit card dues back. While the Bank has filed an appeal with the consumer courts, a decision is generally taken in favor of consumers.

If your credit card is old and 10 years old, you have the right to reclaim all your credit card fees. If you have more than one credit card, you can do the same transactions for all your credit cards and you can undo the dues of all your credit cards.

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