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The daily routine is about going to work, taking care of your family and household, and of course hobbies or friends. However, the normal regime can suddenly jeopardize unexpected expenditure. Nowadays it is very difficult to keep a sufficient financial insurance in case of failure of a large appliance, car crash or unpleasant personal situation.

Solve problems in time! Do not leave payments for services, rentals or repairs at the last minute

Solve problems in time! Do not leave payments for services, rentals or repairs at the last minute

Without a functional washing machine, it is relatively easy to get around several days. Aside from limited convenience, you can wait for paychecks, modern stores offer sales at bargain installments. However, you do not get too much space to repair a vehicle or pay for renting an apartment. The agreed dates and amounts are fixed, paying in default is subject to high penalties, restrictions or even suspension of services.

You do not have to solve your problems in a difficult way. You can lose hours searching, comparing and navigating the jungle, or take advantage of our service to solve the problem in minutes. A quick payday loan to the account can overcome the difficult situation. It will give you time to settle the necessary receivables and later to gradually make up for the missing funds. Plan effective resolution of protracted disputes, avoiding more lasting and more serious problems in a decisive and effective step.

Apply, approve and transfer amounts – quickly

Apply, approve and transfer amounts - quickly

Why complicate it. We will not bore you with long waiting or subsequently overwhelm you with the amount of forms and conditions of the loan. Our rules are simple, clear and understandable. Anyone can apply for a loan with us, we will not ask for reasons, we do not ask for proof of money usage. There is no need for a guarantor to contribute to the approval of the application;

You can fill out a simple form in comfort from home . The basic conditions are Czech citizenship, legal age, permanent income and active bank account, mobile phone and e-mail address. Fill in the basic data in a few minutes. The verification SMS confirms your identity and gives both you and us both the necessary assurance that we are dealing with an authorized person.

The loan approval is not a team of experts, but a specialized automated system. It will quickly evaluate your profile and confirm your application is positive for the vast majority of applicants. An immediate transfer of the amount follows. If you have an account with regular large banks, the full amount is available the same day.

Secure system and data protection

Secure system and data protection

We’re here for you. We consider your personal information to be inviolable. We will not distribute your data and information anywhere, and will always be discreet. We appreciate your trust. We will always conduct all negotiations with priority speed and discretion. And we still have regular events for our clients. Because once we know each other, we trust you and have our services discounted, we do not force you to borrow more than your original intention. We fully respect your decision.

We are equally firm in keeping the set conditions. At the moment of loan approval and contract conclusion, all conditions are fixed. During the cooperation we will not change the amendments to the contract, adjust the amount of interest. In our conditions, no accessories or adjustments are indicated in small print. You can immediately and permanently have an exact list of the amount of the repayment and the deadline.

High interest? Yes, but …

Non-bank loans are accompanied by artificially induced scarecrows. The first is execution. In any case, we do not intend to send enforcement agencies to you after a few days delay from the repayment deadline. We will always deal with any problems and delays with you amicably. You can run into more protracted problems and your planned income will not reach you in time, the unpleasant life situation will be complicated by others. Communicate with us, we will always try to find a solution, postpone the repayment term or offer other options. Extension of installments based on your request is carried out amicably and in accordance with good behavior.

The same myth envelops non-bank loans in the form of high interest. A quick payday loan to your account uses higher interest rates. Take a simple calculator to hand. We lend small amounts – up to 10,000, and we always lend for a short time. High interest is dissolved by a simple mathematical operation and turns into a basically normal administration fee. The amount of interest is extremely important for major sums or mortgages. We don’t lend you a house, we just get time for you and help you overcome a difficult or acute situation with immediate cash.

Early repayment or delay?

Early repayment or delay?

We have already mentioned that we will not change the set conditions during our cooperation. If your situation develops in a negative and favorable direction. You can repay the loan at any time sooner. You will not face a fine, relationship management administration, or hidden charges.

We are here for you and we will be happy to help you in an unpleasant situation. When dealing with a difficult life situation, it is extremely important to take the time to breathe in again and start with a clean shield. We always encourage our clients to make a good balance sheet.

Consider your real options, your current earnings, and your commitments to other parties. On our website you will find a practical tool that clearly shows you the variable amount of loan, repayment duration and the amount of individual installments. It will help you find the ideal loan amount and plan a proper repayment. It is also our interest to establish cooperation with clients who are determined and able to honestly honor their obligations.

We will not scare you, we will rather offer you information in an intelligible form and an adequate solution to your problems.

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