Boris Johnson plans to build on success of Aukus deal at Joe Biden reunion

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Boris Johnson will meet Joe Biden at the White House this week as he seeks to rejuvenate transatlantic relations after the West’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Britain has openly criticized the president’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by the end of August. The two world leaders are expected to discuss the latest situation and efforts to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

A British diplomat said he did not expect the meeting to be “too difficult”. They added: “Boris Johnson is not going to lecture him on Afghanistan because there are too many other important issues to discuss.

Johnson is motivated ahead of the meeting with Biden after London announced a trilateral security partnership with Washington and Canberra last week. The Aukus accord underscores an increasingly hawkish stance towards Beijing and has been hailed in London as a diplomatic victory for the UK.

Leslie Vinjamuri, Director of the United States and the Americas Program at Chatham House, said: “Afghanistan was obviously a bit humiliating for the British Prime Minister, but it is quite clear that there is no turning back . . . Frankly, Biden doesn’t have time for spilled milk and he’s going to find out who’s on his ship.

“There is no great love lost between Johnson and Biden, but at the same time, there is clearly a sense of the importance of the partnership.

“It will be a very forward-looking meeting. [A] a certain amount of planning and celebration of Aukus, which is a boom for Britain. Hopefully what they can do is pick up the pieces and try to build on the momentum of the G7. “

The British Prime Minister will deliver a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week and host a meeting of world leaders – including countries most vulnerable to climate change, ahead of COP26, which is due to take place in Glasgow early November.

COP26, postponed from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, seen by Johnson as a chance to “lead the road to global net zero” – a task made considerably easier by the arrival of a new US president who wants to fight against climate change. The UK is expected to host 100 world leaders at the event.

The objective of the meeting is to refine the parameters of the Paris climate agreement, a 2015 pact that aims to limit global warming to well below 2C.

Johnson said ahead of the trip: “World leaders have a small window of time to deliver on their climate commitments ahead of COP26. My message to those I meet this week will be clear: future generations will judge us based on what we accomplish in the months to come.

“This week, as world leaders arrive in New York for the biggest diplomatic event of the year, I will push them to take real action on coal, climate, cars and trees so we can be successful. COP26 and maintain our climate objectives. at hand.

“We must continue to advocate for a sustainable recovery from the coronavirus rooted in green growth. And we have a responsibility to ensure that the benefits of this growth extend to everyone, no matter where they are born. “

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