Cheese and ham toast named nation’s favorite by Telford cheese factory

The humble ham and cheese toast was crowned the country’s favorite cheese sandwich, in a special World Cup cheese sandwich tournament.

Over 1,100 public votes were cast in the contest, run by the Telford Bridge Cheese company, featuring some of the nation’s biggest brands, including Branston Pickle and Marmite.

The mouth-watering ham and cheese fondant has beaten stiff competition from traditional British favorites such as cheese and pickles and cheese and onion, as well as candle-lit bagels like smoked salmon and cream cheese and brie and bacon, to win the title with 63% of the final public vote.

Michael Harte, Managing Director of Bridge Cheese, said: “It was a fully grilled final and the vote was very close, but the Jules Roule this year is going to cheese and ham toast.

“I think the fact that we had two hot sandwiches in the final reflects the mood of the nation very well. A oozing grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate, great comfort food anytime of the day.

Sixteen sandwiches started in the opening stages of the World Cup competition, which included groups for traditional and hot sandwiches, as well as wilds and a selection of better choices.

The top two in each category, as voted by the public on Bridge Cheese’s social media, advanced to the round of 16 which ended with a grand final between cheese and ham toast and a cheese sandwich. grilled plain.

“After the success of this year’s competition, I don’t think we’ll wait another four years to host our Cheese Sandwich World Cup,” added Michael.

“After a difficult year, we thought this would be a great way to celebrate a return to normalcy while supporting our customers in the sandwich industry. We will look to make this an annual event to support our customers in the sandwich industry.

The Cheese Sandwich World Cup was held to mark UK Sandwich Week, which took place from May 16-22.

Bridge Cheese, based at Stafford Park 13 in Telford, supplies cheese and dairy products to the food manufacturing and restaurant industries, as well as ingredients to some of the nation’s largest sandwich retailers.

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