Theater returns stronger than ever at the Norshor Theater

Duluth Playhouse’s production of Xanadu is set to be the first full-length musical to be produced after COVID -19 made performances unsafe last year. But now, with the vaccine rolling out and precautions lifted, it’s time to go back to theater.

Xanadu director Phillip Fazio said, “It had to be a smaller show, but a really fun, high-energy show, which a lot of people would like to see this summer. So Xanadu just ticked all of those boxes.” The musical is an adaptation of the 1980s movie starring Olivia Newton John and all the cast skating on stage on roller skates!

The main actors include Kelly Killorin and Stuart Gordon who play Kira and Sonny Malone. Both were super happy to be playing in person again. Kelly says her first day of walking on a finished set was magical. “It’s wonderful, it filled my heart, the first time I got out of it they had all this light that made it so magical and everything was shining and sparkling and I was like ahhhhh!”

“I pinch myself a little bit every time I walk out of the rehearsal room, it’s like… wow, we’re back,” Stuart said. He was also very excited to be back on stage. Luckily for him, he had experience skating while playing hockey. He also says the community’s enthusiasm for the show is very real. “People came to me and told me I’m so excited to see this show and I’m so excited the theater is back and I’m like yes! Come see it!”

After a year of isolation, Phillip says this is exactly what the community needs to reconnect. “To be able to come back and live this experience live with the people around you. This community group experience of laughing at the same thing, being emotionally moved by the same thing. Share this experience with your friends, your family, with other foreigners … it’s indescribable, and that’s what makes theater so unique and so powerful. “

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