Theater review | “Metamorphoses” at A Noise Within

Rafael Goldstein and Erika Soto (foreground) in Metamorphoses at A Noise Within (Photo – Craig Schwartz)

What a clever, ambitious and 100% successful project!

By Carol Edger Germain

Director Julia Rodriguez-Elliott hypnotizes us with her vision of Mary Zimmerman’s award-winning “Metamorphoses”. Once the curtain opens on a swimming pool built on the stage, the audience can anticipate that it will play a part in every scene. It serves brilliantly, presenting itself as a street, the ocean, a psychologist’s office, a battlefield, a backdrop for a romantic date, and more. The drama and mystique of the pool set the bar high for the director, cast, costumes, lighting and set design, and all follow suit for a stunning and captivating production.

Numerous vignettes burst in and around the pool, with the nine actors playing dozens of roles and all reaching a certain degree of wetness. Evoking ancient Greek myths with modern twists and seamless twists worked well and made the stories fresh and unique, and the many well-timed insertions of modern props and references were downright funny.

The entire cast was incredibly adept at switching from role to role as they presented ‘updates’ on the lives of ancient gods such as Midas, Orpheus and Aphrodite, with a dash of simple mortals. Great timing, solid performances from everyone, and an added bonus for those in the front row – a few splashes from the pool during particularly exuberant scenes. I will definitely be back to absorb more of this thrilling gem and laugh again at the humorous renditions of various old relationships and interactions.

A welcome escape from the real world, especially now that there seems to be very little beauty or humor in it. Small cozy theatre, friendly staff, free parking. Don’t miss it!

Written by Mary Zimmerman.
Based on the myths of Ovid, from the translation by David R. Slavit.
Directed by Julia Rodriguez-Elliott.
Starring DeJuan Christopher, Geoff Elliott, Rafael Goldstein, Nicole Javier, Kasey Mahaffy, Sydney A. Mason, Trisha Miller, Cassandra Marie Murphy, Erika Soto
3352 E Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
Tickets start at $25
Through June 5.
Health: Check website for Covid-19 protocols (currently full vaccination and masks are required).
Free parking around the corner in the structure at 149 N. Halstead.
A man by the pool and a Roman soldier behind him

Kasey Mahaffy and Geoff Elliott in Metamorphoses (Photo – Craig Schwartz)

a man and a woman kissing under a giant blue moon

Rafael Goldstein and Nicole Javier (Photo – Craig Schwartz)

a group of people around a swimming pool in a theater

Metamorphoses Set (Photo – Craig Schwartz)

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