Tribute to theater in ‘#Homecoming’: director Soumyajit Majumdar

Filmmaker Soumyajit Majumdar says the idea behind his debut film “#Homecoming” is to draw attention to theatre, which he describes as a “cool” art form.

The Boyhood Buddies musical drama revolves around a group of friends from Kolkata who reunite after seven years on the occasion of Durga Puja at their former theater rehearsal space which is in danger of being converted into a heritage hotel, according to the official synopsis. Coming from a theater background himself, the Kolkata-born director said theater is a “very cool medium” that is often seen as a serious format and therefore gets lost among the many entertainment options.

“We try to draw attention to the medium of theater through our film. Our film production is a tribute to the community. We want to express theater as a means of dissent and communication. We have highlighted elements of theater in the film. The interpersonal dynamic of a theater troupe is the main protagonist,” Majumdar told PTI in an interview.

“Theatre of this era and era must be contemporary and aligned with the current times; otherwise with other forms of entertainment, it will be difficult for the theater to endure,” he added.

“#Homecoming” features Sayani Gupta, Tushar Pandey, Plabita Borthakur, Hussain Dalal, and Soham Majumdar, among others.

The 31-year-old director said the film was inspired by his own experiences with acting.

“I grew up in the 90s generation in East Kolkata and we were into the arts right from school. Later on I studied film, did theater and acted in films. Some of my friends and I created a group called Lok Ok Arts Collective, whose first production is ‘#Homecoming’”.

But ‘#Homecoming’ is not a story about ‘Lok Ok Arts Collective’, he added.

“The characters are fictional but the world is real. Yet this is a life that I have seen, observed, known or happened to me. And I think the best writing comes when you combine all of that said Majumdar, who is also the film’s writer and producer.

The story is set in Kolkata and Majumdar, who has starred in Bengali films like ‘Family Album’, ‘Har Har Byomkesh’ and ‘Kiriti Roy’, said he wanted to show the city in its truest form during from his directorial debut.

“Growing up in Kolkata, the city instilled its culture and ethos in me. It’s a cosmopolitan city by nature and the cosmopolitan language is a tool in the film, and we have two languages ​​spoken in the film. Kolkata is a sensation, it’s not just about Howrah Bridge but about the people of the city, we showed all that and more,” he said.

“#Homecoming” was selected for NDFC Lab, South Asia’s largest film market collection, in 2019 and Majumdar said he felt blessed to have had the opportunity.

The reason behind a hashtag in the title, Majumdar said, is that the current generation is about hashtags and social media.

As a conclusion, he shared his intention to make a prequel to his “#Homecoming”.

“’#Homecoming’ will have a prequel. We are in talks with an OTT platform,” Majumdar said.

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